My trip to York

You might not be wondered where the hell I have been missing for the past 2 weeks but literally I WENT MISSING, for real. Since it was my most favourite person in this entire world ‘s birthday last week and also because I was desperately in need of a weekend getaway, it took me no time to decide that I would spend the next following days travelling.

So yes,  no doubt that York was the perfect destination because what would be better than celebrating my girl’s 19th birthday and Valentine’s day in the most beautiful place in the UK. Hence, she actually lives in York so yeah, basically York is the destination, period 🙂

It was such a wonderful trip and everything was literally beyond my expectation. For whatever reason, everything was so on point, even the weather was so supportive. Although it was mid February the weather was so sunny and warm, things happened just like planned and we had the most amazing time together.


The moment captured 2 mins right after she picked me up at the train station, literally screamed my name and we hugged till my Asian lungs cant take it anymore 🙂

After some cheeky drinks, some catch up stories, I felt that moment again; like we were living in the moment again, like it was just yesterday back when we were living in the same room, same house in Brighton. Having conversation with you brought back so much memories when we were sitting together in the backyard, with PJ on and messy hair; having beers and talked for hours about all the “deep shit” in life. I still remembered we dreamed about the moment when we have made into uni and all the exam stress was gone for good, guess what, we have indeed made it and we are now living in the moment that we have always been dreaming of. Being with you right here, right now and we are together; it feels like we were never been apart. Isn’t it strange?




I would say that we were having a pretty damn awesome birthday and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Everything was so amazing, the dinner, the surprise, the cake and don’t forget about the smash into Jack’s pretty face. All of us were having a great night and you know what, it all happened because of you; you were the one who brought all of us together and made a great big weird happy family. 3 day trip was not long enough to enjoy every little pretty thing in York but I am sure it was just long enough for me to get to know with everyone in your new family who made such a small but great part of your life; and luckily I know that I am always welcomed to be a part of it.



There was one thing that made my trip to be extra special and it was because of the new happiness that you have finally found. Seeing you through his eyes helped me to realise 1 thing that we both have in common: we both truly love you very much. And yes, of course I would not say no to adopt another member to Alice’s team who is well known as a big fan of chicken, rugby, tea and New Zealand.

My couple of the year because they looked absolutely gorgeous together ❤

The last word should be dedicated to show my appreciation to the beauty of York and to the people who live in here because they are just so sweet and kind and I literally just can’t get enough of it. Undoubtedly, this trip was so unforgettable that I might need to be back really really soon.




Lots of love from Birmingham to York,

Alice x