Winter/Spring Look book 2017

It is 2017 and Spring is finally here. Living in the UK does not allow you to have a sunny weather frequently but once the sun peaks out, it is absolutely wonderful to throw on some nice outfits and freshen up the wardrobe.


As my trip to London a couple days ago was to visit my bestie and to celebrate the Lunar New Year, I think this occasion would be a great excuse for myself to get some new outfits and refresh up my wardrobe for 2017.

So here are some of my outfit ideas for Winter/Spring. Most of the outfits are from my fav brands and I just loveee it.



1. The Cold-Shoulder Look:

I personally prefer this outfit for a casual day as the items combined are really simple but you still can be really sexy with the cold shoulder jumper as it helps showing up some skin. A tiny twist could be done to turn the simple look into a bold one by rolling up the sleeves or adding the choker and big chunky watches to the outfit. To spice it up, I add the leather jacket to the outfit and wear the over the knee boots with my ripped skinny jeans.

Jumper: MissGuided

Skinny Jeans: Topshop

Over the knee Boots: Bershka

Jacket: Zara

Watches: Olivia Burton

Choker: Forever 21





2. The second Cold-Shoulder Look:

Yes, I am obsessed with jumper, especially with the off shoulder ones. And yes, I know I did just show you the cold shoulder outfit number one but this cold shoulder outfit number two is just so freakin’ cute and cosy and I just CBA not to know you another one.

Jumper: MissGuided

Choker: Forever 21





3. The casual party Look:

If you are not a big fan of wearing heels or bodycon dresses for parties, this outfit is for you. Sometimes, if I am invited not-so-formal parties, I would much prefer wearing outfit like this over classy dresses and heels because lets be honest, all the jumper dresses are just so comfortable but still very sexy. By replacing the heels to the over the knee boots; rolling up the sleeves and adding accessories, I personally think the outfit looks really edgy.

Jumper Dress: MissGuided

Over the knee Boots: Bershka

Watches: Olivia Burton

Choker: Forever 21





4. The Cosy Look:

If you live in England, you would probably know how freakin’ cold the weather is and I know that some of the outfits here would not be the best outdoor option. However, you could always throw on a big cosy coat and a scarf like I do in this outfit and you are so ready to go. This coat could combine with any outfit underneath as the colour is quite neutral and you could always take the coat off whenever you want to show the main look.

Coat: Pull&Bear

Scarf: Zara

Crossbody Wallet: Chanel

The coat was purchased last year on Boxing Day and I been loving it till now, it is super cosy, long and still fashionable. I was given this scarf as my Christmas present this year and lets me tell you, I am absolutely living in it.




5. Accessories:

Can somebody just give me a moment to show my appreciation to the choker design of Forever 21. And yes, as you can clearly see that the choker appeared in all of my look because I just genuinely love it so so much.


Even my bestie and I got the matching choker both from Forever 21 and they just looked to bomb.


I genuinely hope that some of these outfit ideas would be the inspiration for you to create your best new look for 2017.